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with any group.

Call 405-262-8623
between 9am-11:30am
Monday – Friday

Welcome to
El Reno Mobile Meals!

El Reno Mobile Meals has been bringing hot lunches to those in need since 1976.

People Helping People, Because We Care

Volunteer with
El Reno Mobile Meals

Volunteers Assist as Their Schedule Allows

Some people help several times a week or monthly .

These groups include: school classes, employees of businesses who use their lunch hour.

Cooks Donate Their Time

Cooks donate their time from 8:30am to 11:00am.

Helping Feed the Community

Each day we serve 175-185 meals.

It takes 125 volunteers a week to provide this service.

El Reno Mobile Meals
Program Info

How Often Will I Receive a Meal?

The noon meal is delivered to your home each day, Monday – Friday.

How is the Program Financed?

By donations from meal recipients, churches, civic, social clubs, individuals, grants, special projects, memorial funds and more!

Do You Offer Special Menus?

Mobile Meals is unable to prepare special diets; however, meals are well-balanced, wholesome, and low salt.

How Much Does it Cost?

We ask participants to make a donation of up to $3.00 per meal, which helps offset the meal costs.

How Do I Qualify?

Our service is offered to the homebound, convalescent, aged or handicapped who are unable to prepare adequate meals.
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Do we close for bad weather?

We follow the El Reno Public School’s decision for weather closings.

We will post closures on the El Reno Mobile Meals’ Facebook page and local news stations.